A Dentures Dentist in Delaware Can Comfortably Replace Teeth

dentures dentist in delawareAs a dentures dentist in Delaware, we use this common solution for replacing teeth on a regular basis.  As an innovation, dentures have been changing since the first day they were invented. Originally they were designed to be short-lived, because of the restrictions of the technology of the day. Many people today would be surprised to learn that the first dentures were made of animal teeth or bone, with the most expensive varieties being made from human teeth harvested from corpses. Despite the fact that these devices smelled very bad, and often had a very short shelf life, they were very popular among people who wanted the full range of use of their mouth.

People learned long ago that dentures were a way to live a normal life after tooth loss. Luckily for you, technology has improved and today we have a number of different options to choose from. Whether you chose to have dentures or some other dental solution like dental implants, we can ensure they are completely comfortable.

Dentures are continuing to evolve even today. As the science gets better, we anticipate that dentures will get more and more comfortable, making it so that our patients never even know that they have a dental prosthetic device in their mouth. As it stands dentures have, over the past decade or so, gotten a reputation for being less than comfortable. With today's changes in technology, that is already becoming a thing of the past. As a dentures dentist in Delaware, we found that there are two reasons why people may be uncomfortable in their dentures.

People were uncomfortable wearing their dentures because of the fit. If a denture is loose or has a bad fit, it will cause all kinds of irritation and discomfort. A loose denture will rub against the gums and soft tissue, leading to pain and frustration. When the denture does not fit properly it often causes the wearer to skip using it, which in turn makes putting on the denture even more awkward. The solution to this comes in the form of the perfect fitting denture. When you leave our offices, you will have been fitted with a denture that fits you perfectly, having been custom made for your specific measurements. Before it is created, we measure your mouth, take into account exactly what you need and then send off a special order to the lab, where your dentures are built to your specifications. Once they arrive, they are fitted in our office for maximum comfort. Perfectly fitting dentures can ensure that you have no problems eating virtually any kind of food and do not have to mess around with a lot of adhesive solutions.

The second reason, people had trouble with their dentures, is the fact that they would get scratches on their tongue, lips, and gums while putting them into their mouth or removing them at night. Since dentures are made of an acrylic base, which is a hard substance, it can scratch the mouth of an inexperienced user. To counter this, we will show you best practices on getting the denture in and out with the least amount of trouble possible. Since the dentures are custom fit, they will slip into place a lot easier, meaning you will not have to maneuver them as much which will minimize the amount of scratches or cuts you may give yourself.  As a dentures dentist in Delaware, we will provide you with tips and information to ensure your ongoing comfort.

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